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Our Operations Team

Crean & Associates uses proven improvement methodologies and technologies to deliver measurable rapid improvement.  We cut client cycle times by 50%, double capacity through productivity gains, and improve operating margins by double digits.

Our breadth of experience gives clients clear insights, the best approach to maximize value, and a detailed plan.  Our hands-on approach assists our clients to learn and implement sustainable improvements.

We help companies grow, maximize margins, achieve benchmark results, and improve underperforming suppliers.  We maximize value throughout the entire value stream.

Get beyond Lean.  Go Crean.

We Offer:

On Time Deliveries

On Time Delivery Measurement is the level up to which products and services supplied by an organization meet the customer expectation. It indicates if the supply chain is providing products and services to the customer according to the demand. This metric is most important in supply chain management as it integrates the measurement of performance from supplier to the customer delivery.

100% on time deliveries is the goal that is expected from all customers. We at C&A use a system-wide approach to ensure that all improvement activities lead to enabling the client in achieving the stated goal.


Resource Utilization

Resource / Capacity Utilization and the efficiency of Project Management are directly connected to operational profitability.

Organizations that struggle with either of these core competencies typically experience:
– cost overruns
– delay in delivery to schedule
– excessive WIP (Work In Progress)
– resources that are not utilized efficiently
– excessive overtime
and, ultimately, an unsatisfied customer.

At Crean & Associates, as we are developing methods to optimize the operations, we make sure that maximizing efficiency for both manpower and machines is at the forefront of our improvements. This can also lead to standardization of processes and constraint management.

Factory Layout / Flow

Whether changing a current factory layout, moving into a new facility, improving workflow, or freeing up space for new equipment, considering all forms of flow is required.

The different subjects to consider are:
– Information
– Daily Scheduling
– WIP (Work In Progress)
– Consumables
– People and Equipment Movement
– Constraints
– Yields (Suspense Loops)
– Work Cell Proximity
– Preventive Maintenance
– The 7 Wastes

During the analysis phase of Business Optimization, Crean & Associates conducts a system-wide analysis to develop a coordinated approach in achieving an operation that stops only because it wants to stop not because it has to.

Supply Chains

A supply chain consists of organizations, resources, people and activities that work together to move products or services from supplier to customer. Each must work together to achieve the ultimate goal of providing the highest quality, ensuring on-time deliveries and reducing operational cost.

We at Crean & Associates work to synchronize all activities to achieve the stated goal. This includes working with Tier 1 customers and their critical suppliers to ensure that they together are coordinating their activities and achieving maximum efficiency while reducing operational cost.


Quality Levels are a measurement of products or services being free of defects. Defects or deficiencies have a huge impact on manufacturing or services. It not only affects the company’s reputation, but decreases the ability to deliver products or services according to the customer’s expectations.

Defects or deficiencies are manifested for a multitude of reasons. At C&A we have the tools, techniques and SME’s that provide the client the ability to eliminate the issues at their root, preventing recurrence.

Operating Margins | Operational Cost

Higher margins can be achieved by what you sell, but can also be improved by what you spend. We at C&A focus on reducing the cost of manufacturing and office processes by identifying steps that do not add value to the business, and then developing a plan to eliminate the points of constraint. This is accomplished by analyzing the business from a system-wide perspective. During the analysis, we identify inhibitors of achieving flow, constraints within the operation, and ineffective utilization of the information systems. Specific areas taken into consideration are: Yield Points, Constraint Points, Manpower/Equipment Utilization, Information System Utilization, Visual Controls, Factory Layout, Supply Chain Performance and Non Value-Added Activities.

Information Systems

Many Lean individuals will state that complex information systems are not necessary, but in today’s global, fast-paced environment information systems are absolutely necessary. What we need to focus on is making sure that the system is working for us and not us working for the system. This means that information must be processed quickly and easily, leading to real-time processing, not batching of information. It isn’t how much can be done with a system but how efficient and adaptable it is to an ever changing environment.

At C&A we identify the flow of information and develop techniques that allow operations to understand priorities and their completion of the day/hour/minute goals by the organization.

Models & Simulations

To ensure 100% success, we at Crean & Associates provide a simulation designed to align leadership with the tools and techniques required to develop quantifiable, sustainable improvements.

This simulation is highly interactive, engaging and educational.

Industrial Internet Of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the networking of devices that results in systems that can monitor, collect, exchange, analyze and deliver valuable insights. IIoT incorporates machine to machine communications, machine learning, data analytics and product or material tracking. It has great potential for quality control, sustainable practices, supply chain traceability and efficiency. This provides insights that can help drive smarter, faster business decisions.

At Crean and Associates we understand the benefits of IIoT and which technologies are best applicable to the issues discovered during the analysis phase of our optimization process.

Voice Of Our Clients

C&A’s approach cut our lead time from kitting to delivery by 43%. With shorter lead times we can bring in more business and fill the excess capacity that C&A’s improvements created.

“The C&A Dynamic Factory Operating Model showed us that a 3% increase in key resources would add 73% to capacity and 15% margin.

“The engagement with C&A wasn’t seen as an expense, it was an investment with recurring dividends. James and his team invested their time, attention and more importantly their extensive talents and experiences into our young but capable team.”