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Crean & Associates provides synergies with our clients to help them win new business, grow organically or through acquisition, and deliver complex systems.

Our strategy is simple: have the most capable on-call team in the industry available as a resource for our clients so they can operate as efficiently as possible while maintaining a very high operating capability.  Not only are we a very high-valued-added partner for our clients, but we are also a Woman-Owned Small Business, helping our clients win even more government business.

We can also be your strategic partner during business transitions.  We assist companies in maximizing their value before sale.  We assist acquiring companies in due diligence and in developing first day operating plans for growth and financial success.

We don’t build aerospace systems.  But we do help our clients invent the future.


     Why Partner with us?

Personnel Solutions

Some people ask if we are a body shop.  No; we are a mind shop.  Yes, we help clients fill personnel gaps, but our people never just fill a seat.   We have the best team of on-call Subject Matter Experts commercially available in the aerospace industry. All our associates are proven technical and managerial specialists in their fields.  They bring skills and experience that is invaluable to your team.  Our associates got their training delivering the most advanced, complex systems for the major aerospace companies, U.S. Armed Forces and Intelligence Services.

Click Here for a list of Subject Matter Expert skills.

Crean & Associates’ personnel are hand-selected by our highly experienced executive team because they are proven, experienced, and top of their field doers rather than advice givers.  Our people thrive on helping our clients complete projects successfully with the mindset of mentors and contributors.  Our associates provide quiet, calm, and patient perspectives in turbulent environments, and dynamic, rapid solutions when it is go-time.  They roll up their sleeves and use their experience to plan the tasks, and then execute the right tasks at the right time in the right way.  There is no on-the-job training.

Describe the challenge, introduce the team, show us where the coffee is, and let’s get busy.

Woman-Owned Small Business

Being a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) brings some advantage to our clients in helping win contracts due to government set-asides.  But make no mistake, the true value that C&A brings is that, CEO, Jennifer Crean has over 20 years of experience as a leader in the aerospace industry, and she and co-founder James Crean, with about 30 years in aerospace, know the industry very well and have amassed an incredible team of highly skilled, experienced associates that thrive on helping clients succeed.

As C&A CEO, Jennifer Crean says, “If the government wants to give us a WOSB label that’s fine, but the label that matters to us is GPH-CPS (Great People Helping Clients with a Passion for Success).  We are all about being highly valued-added.”

Business Transactions

The Crean & Associates’ team experience in operations improvement, growing new business opportunities, developing new technologies, solving technical and quality issues, and executing programs makes us an outstanding partner for businesses involved with transactions such as business sales, acquisitions, or mergers.

We support clients in developing strategies for pre- and post- transaction business opportunities to grow revenues, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Selling A Business | Partnering to Assist in the Sale of a Business

Owners looking to sell their business can be aided by our operations and technical team to improve operating margins and earnings, and ensure that leading edge management methods maximize the earnings multipliers obtained by your business during the transaction.

Our methods typically require very little investment, yet yield very significant gains in profit margins and earnings multipliers which both translate into higher sales prices.

Because we work with so many different companies throughout the industry bringing the latest best practices, we are able to give you sound independent advice in preparing for a sale and during the transaction process.

Buying A Business | Partnering to Assist in the Purchase of a Business

Investors looking to purchase a business use our services to assist them in the due diligence process to identify the magnitude of improvement opportunities, and to develop Day 1 Operating Plans that will help maximize the value of an investment as quickly as possible.

Our Operations and Technical Teams can evaluate the current state of the business, quantify the highest Return On Investment (ROI) opportunities, and develop an implementation plan and timeline.  The result is a clear plan and expected ROI for the business investment.

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