Operations Management

The most outstanding Operations Managers and company executives are successful because they understand that there is no other part of the organization that benefits more from outside support than operations.  Crean & Associates’ operations specialists are both advocate and coach for the Operations Team. We bring a wealth of experience-based best practices and work across all of the client’s organization to ensure operations has everything they need to deliver that perfect product on time to the customer.

Some of the many challenges of the Operations Manager include:

  • Maintaining high levels of product quality & absorbing the cost & schedule impact of quality escapes
  • Absorbing delays and mistakes from prior process steps and still deliver on-time
  • Moving to new facilities
  • Changing Production Rates
  • New Product Introductions
  • Buying and implementing new equipment
  • Reacting to shifting priorities from Program Managers, customers, executives, & Finance
  • Meeting numerous and often poorly conceived Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or goals (when other organizations often have no KPI measures).
  • Maintaining strong vendor relationships while pressuring them to meet shifting deadlines
  • Maintaining equipment and working around impacts from machine down-time
  • Managing a large diverse team with a wide variety of skills & experience
  • Continuously improving production cost
  • And much more …

Let’s look at one example:
Should the CFO put daily, weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly financial goals on operations?  Or should he/she not put any financial goals on operations?  The answer depends on many factors, but answer incorrectly and profitability does not just decline, it plummets.

Operations must have a highly experienced outside arbiter like Crean & Associates to influence at the highest levels of the company on their behalf to gain appropriate alignment.  In addition, Operations Managers who are committed to success gain invaluable insight from the breadth of experience brought by Crean & Associates Operations Specialists.  We work hand-in-hand with operations leaders to assist them in implementing the best practices from across multiple industries.  That is why our operations team works across all industries — in order to continually improve our ability to continuously improve our clients’ operations.

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