Strategic Planning

Creating a holistic plan to grow your business from where it is today to a defined future target takes solid planning, execution, and review.  It is important to understand the current competitive environment, company capabilities, and shifts and rifts occurring in the market.  The strategic plan builds on the core competencies and grows the organization in critical areas to meet the future company needs.  From this then comes a clear action plan with accountabilities that are reviewed regularly to ensure success.

The Crean & Associates team of former company executives, business development specialists, supplier managers, and technical subject matter experts provides our clients with the right people at the right point in the process to develop a clear and comprehensive strategic plan and execution methodology.  Our perspective working across the industry assists our clients with assessing where they can leverage opportunities in the changing industry landscape.  We recognize the critical success factors in flowing down and performing to a strategic plan as well that ensure that the right communication, goals, and incentives are in place to assure successful implementation.

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