Supplier Development & Supply Chain Management

Crean & Associates’ personnel provide a complete team of experts to support your Supplier Development program. We can perform supplier assessments to find the biggest supplier risks and opportunities for your programs.  We can help eradicate those risks and maximize the opportunities.

Supplier issues come from many potential sources such as:

  • Issues surrounding the contract and/or specifications
  • Communication and information transfer
  • Insufficient technical depth
  • Inability to meet new customer demand increases
  • Production Operations Issues
  • Quality issues
  • Vendor issues
  • Financial issues
  • And much more

As a trusted third party, we are able to support and help develop the needed capability of your suppliers so that they become your most reliable partners rather than a source of fear and loathing.  As a third party we are able to gain great visibility into how demand from competing customers may be impacting your supplier’s ability to deliver.


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