Technical Subject Matter Experts

Technical Subject Matter Experts

Every one of our hundreds of Space, Launch, and Aviation SME’s has over 20 years of specialized technical experience.

We fill critical client personnel technical gaps.  Our broad SME skill mix helps our clients design, analyze, test, and deliver complex products, perform studies, develop reports, mentor, perform design reviews, and more.

We provide clients flexibility that lowers their cost and increases their depth with periodic support or extended engagement either on site or off site.

Yes, we have cleared SME’s.  We are the WOSB partner that helps win and deliver.

We Offer:

Management & Operations

  • Management Consulting
  • Program & Project Management
  • Proposals / Business Development
  • Business Acquisition Support
  • IIOT Planning, Integration & Support
  • Supplier & Vendor Management / Quality
  • Process-based Management Systems
  • Production Operations, Planning, & Optimization
  • Lean Production from Component to System
  • Six Sigma, Statistical Process Control
  • Design for Manufacturability & Test
  • Risk, Cost & Schedule Management
  • Product Assurance, Quality Systems, Inspections

Satellite Systems Architecture & Engineering

  • Communications & Navigation Systems Architecture
  • Systems Engineering, Integration & Test
  • System Analysis & Requirements Flow down
  • Component to System Verification / Test
  • Requirements Specifications & Verification

Communications, Navigation & Radar Systems

  • RF & Digitally Processed Payload Simulations
  • Link Budgets, G/T, BER
  • RF Amplifiers, Linearizers, Channelizers, Routers
  • Antenna Systems, Feed Networks & Reflectors
  • Phased Array Communications & Radar Systems
  • Telemetry, Command & Control Systems
  • Optical Comm & Optical Observation Systems

Analog / Digital / Power Systems & Electronics

  • Satellite, Launch Vehicle & Aviation Avionics
  • Avionics & Control Systems Design, Simulation & Test
  • Analog & Digital & Power Circuit Design
  • Solar Array / Battery Development, Analysis & Test
  • Power Charge/Discharge Architecture & Design

Launch Systems & Mission Operations

•  Mission Simulations, Operations & Orbital Maneuvers
•  Launch Vehicle Systems Engineering
•  Pogo, Slosh, Coupled Loads, Structures & Controls
•  Range & Ground Operations
•  Payload Integration & Processing

Satellite & Launch Vehicle Propulsion Systems

  • Satellite & LV Propulsion Subsystem Design / Analysis / Test
  • BiProp, Monoprop & Green Propellants Thrusters
  • Turbo pumps, CFD, Engine Analysis & Test
  • Tanks, Ducts, Suppressors & Flow Control Component

Structures, Composites, & Deployments

•  Stress / Dynamics / Shock Analysis & Test
•  Coupled Loads Analysis
•  Thermal Analysis & Test
•  Separation Systems, Deployable Assembly Design

Aviation Systems Development  


  • Wind Tunnel Testing & CFD
  • Aviation Ducting Systems, Tooling & Test
  • Aircraft Production, Automation & Tooling Systems
  • Aircraft Interiors, Lavs, Galleys & Customization
  • MRO Management & Operations

Specialty Engineering & Analysis

• Advanced Materials & Processes
• Aerospace Welding Applications Development
• 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing (including on-orbit)
• Quality / Mission Assurance / Surveillance / Inspections
• Electrical Harness Engineering / Production / Test
• Single Event Upsets
• Reliability, Maintainability & Survivability
• Failure Modes & Effects, Failure Review Boards
• Root Cause Corrective Action (RCCA), Fault Trees

Voice Of Our Clients

“Several difficult issues arose and C&A quickly brought in additional personnel on an ad-hoc basis with the expertise to define a solution and the technical gravitas to convince the customer it was the right approach.”

“Your support is outstanding.  We have super smart engineers, but your 30 years of experience and helping us just a few hours a week in paint & coatings saved us a year or two of missteps or even a mission-ending thermal problem.   Thank you so much for continuing to lend your experience.”

“This relationship is great.  C&A people aren’t just filling important gaps, but their mentoring of our engineers is outstanding for them and our group long term.  Thank you.  We have some other areas where we think you could help us….”